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How to Make a Vanity Mirror Look Like a Real Photo Holder

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Using a frame to make a backless vanity mirror is great if you are on a budget or simply want something more unique than what you can get in a regular department store. You can make these mirrors almost out of any kind of material, even thin sheet metal. It is a matter of finding something that matches the style of the rest of the bathroom you are making the room into.

Lay your 3 framed and frameless mirror blocks down on a large solid piece of scrap cardboard and cut along the edges to make your back for the vanity mirror unit. Use a glass cutting tool to cut along 48 x 36 inch sides so it would fit snugly inside the 3 lighted strips on the right and left sides of your wall. Drill holes for your screws and someplace them in the wall. Use masking tape to hold everything in place and then use painter’s tape to put them back onto your bathroom walls.

Now comes the fun part: putting the wood frame over the light bulbs. If your bathroom is dark with just a little bit of light coming through, you can leave the wood in its default “off” position and paint it white. However, if you want a very stark white bedroom, you can use a darker shade of paint for this project. If the light bulbs are already in the frame, use masking tape to cover them up until you are ready to drill holes into the wall. Once you have done this, attach a few coats of primer to the frame before you paint.

For a fancy look, try making a polyurethane vanity mirror out of polymer clay. While it may be a bit more work than making a frame out of a wood frame, it will be one of a kind. To make a polymer clay vanity mirror, use a base that is at least 2 inches larger than your vanity mirror. Then take a sheet of polymer clay and create a frame out of it by forming it around the entire piece of clay. Next, drill some small holes into the polyurethane frame and then stick your light bulbs into the holes.

You don’t have to stick an actual picture frame in your bathroom. Any sort of picture or photo will do. Place your lip art, flowery designs, or just about anything else you would like to display on your wall. After you have decided on what you want to display, take some glue and outline the shape of your item. Use some brads or eyelets to hold the edges of your design in place. Then you can either glue the item to the top of your polyurethane vanity mirror or to the bottom of the polymer clay picture frame.

Now you just need to get some lights. For best lighting effects you should have about four different lights plugged into an outlet. These are not hard to find. You can find LED lights in various colors, watts, and light levels. If you are going with the old fashion pendant light look, go with a white or cream colored LED light bar.

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